4176 days ’til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween


August 23rd 2004. Dead Clowns is released in the United Kingdom by Cryptkeeper Films . There will be a US version later this year. “As a hurricane approaches the small town of Port Emmett, a varied group of residents are visited by a horror that could not be denied. Fifty years ago a bridge collapsed plunging a circus train into the dark water below. The clown car was never recovered. In ‘sins of the father’ tradition, zombie clowns emerge from the bay and exact revenge on descendants of those who left them buried under the silt and mud for half a century!” Starring Debbie Rochon, Jeff Dylan Graham, Lucien Eisenach, Robyn Griggs, Eric Spudic, Kimberly Lynn Cole, and features a special appearance by original Scream Queen Brinke Stevens. With songs by Rock City Morgue and Switchblade Symphony. A Windows Media File trailer can be downloaded here.
Hellbound: Book of the Dead was released on vhs and dvd December 23rd 2003 by Brain Damage Films. The old book of black magic was supposed to bring back the dead…but when the spell didn’t work, the only solution seemed to be disposing of the body in pieces….then the spell began to kick in! This flick is also available now in the UK under its original title, Cadaver Bay. If you’re in Great Britain order it direct from Cryptkeeper Films.

Out November 18th 2003 — Demon Discs! A DVD Collection from Shock-O-Rama and Video Outlaw. Three horror movies, including our own Cremains, an ultralow-budget anthology in the tradition of Asylum and Dr Terror’s House of Horrors. Starring Kimberly Lynn Cole, Lilith Stabs, and Jeff Dylan Graham. With a special introduction by Count Gore Devol. Music by Xorcist and Acheron. “[A]n atmosphere of unrelenting dread,” said Rue Morgue. Also includes the movies Demon Lust, with Brinke Stevens and Tom Savini, and Demoness.
B-horror.com’s Malefic hit stores this past Halloween. Starring Jeff Dylan Graham (“one of the busiest young actors working in b-movies today.” – Femme Fatales Magazine), Lilith Stabs (Vampire Callgirls, Bad Movie Police), “erotic illusionist” Cynder Moon (Ripley’s Believe it Or Not!, Hustler), and Lucien Eisenach. Four corpse-kidnappers attempt to pull off a morbid ransom scheme. But things go wrong when they decide to use an isolated cabin which belongs to an occult author as their hide-out. Discovered is an ancient spirit board which once belonged to the Hobb’s Bluff witch. The result of their discovery soon eclipses their crime. . . Part of a B-Movie Drive-In Double-Feature with Raising Hell, an ambitious pact-with-the-devil flick from Brandon Bethmann and Eric Szmyr.